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Biomedical Computing Group (BCG)



UW Madison, studying at Ebling Library, Health Sciences
UW Madison, studying at Ebling Library,
Health Sciences
The Biomedical Computing Group (BCG) consists of skilled computing professionals dedicated to the innovative application of computing technology organized into the Technical Support, Central Computing Services, and Web Development technology groups.

  The Biomedical Computing Group is composed of the following groups:
  Central Services

The Central Services Section of the BCG provides a centralized infrastructure for computing. This infrastructure consists of a network of Unix and Windows servers available for use by clients of the BCG. Supported services include email, file sharing and backup, web access, office automation tools, database applications and Unix computing. Primary clients include statisticians, researchers, clinicians, administrative and support users within the UW School of Medicine and Public Health.
Staff: William Annis, Christopher Harrison



Technical Support

  The Technical Support Group of the BCG provides support services to the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, particularly the UW Comprehensive Cancer Center and affiliated groups. Support is provided by a combination of onsite staff and a roaming help desk. Technical Support personnel make hardware and software recommendations, and provide user training on software. The goal of the support group is to ensure that each client has a functioning and efficient computing environment.
Staff: Janet Lewis, Eric Bolden, Gerard Rose


Web Development

  The BCG Web Development service specializes in hosting, developing and maintaining clinical research and technical web sites. The Web Team assists customers in developing effective web information resources (sites, pages, forms, secure pages) using drupal and a variety of tools and current technology.
Staff: Andrea Kapitan
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