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Clinical Trials Program

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Our goal is to improve the quality of clinical trials by having published resources and activities available concerning clinical trial methodology and results. Fulfilling this goal includes authoring and co-authoring textbooks and peer-reviewed publications, holding Brown Bag Seminars, and participating in professional meetings.

The Department is involved with a Capstone Certificate in Fundamentals of Clinical Research and a Committee PhD degree in Clinical Investigation for MD/PhD candidates.

  Statistical Data Analysis Center (SDAC)
  UW Madison, WARF Building, SDAC The Statistical Data Analysis Center (SDAC) supports independent data monitoring committees (DMCs) and provides a research environment for interim analysis. To view more detailed information on SDAC's vision statement, ongoing and completed research portfolio, a sample DMC report, a sample DMC Charter, DMC background material please follow this link: Statistical Data Analysis Center (SDAC).
  UW Madison. Prolla lab

The intervention evaluated in a clinical trial is the result of collaboration involving basic research with observational research and clinical trial results always raise new basic research and observational research questions. Faculty and staff collaborate with multiple Departments, Centers, and Institutes and through the Wisconsin Network for Health Research.


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