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Medical Informatics Program
Capstone Certificate in Bioinformatics

"In science and technology in the latter half of the 20th century, two fields have stood out for their speed of progress and their effect on society: biomedicine and computation. Increasingly, researchers spend less time in their "wet labs" gathering data and more time on computation. As a consequence more researchers find themselves working in teams to harness the new technologies. A broad segment of the biomedical research community perceives a shortfall of suitably educated people who are competent to support those teams. The problem is not just a shortage of computationally sophisticated associates, however. What is needed is a higher level of competence in mathematics and computer science among biologists themselves. To make optimal use of information technology, biomedical researchers need, first of all, the expertise to marry information technology to biology in a productive way."

This is the need that we are trying to address with the Capstone Certificate Program in Bioinformatics.

In the realm of biological and medical sciences, bioinformatics is becoming a central discipline. Bioinformatics, which is the application of computer science theory and methods to molecular biology, is placing a new demand on the training of postdoctoral fellows in biology. The educational objective of the Capstone Certificate in Bioinformatics is to provide additional formal training for postdoctoral fellows in molecular biology to improve their fundamental skills in bioinformatics. The goal is to allow them to have enough basic knowledge to continue their own research and to collaborate with computer scientists specializing in bioinformatic methods.

The need for all researchers to have a basic competence in the area of bioinformatics has been eloquently expressed by the Working Group on Biomedical Computing, Advisory Committee to the Director, NIH in their June 3, 1999 report.

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