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Medical Informatics
Collaborative Research


Medical Informatics Faculty engage in collaborative research in the following areas:



Genetics/Genomics: (Craven, Kendziorski, Newton, Page, Shavlik). Projects in this area include characterization of the genetic factors involved in susceptibility and resistance to cancer growth, mapping gene locations, analyzing genomic sequence data, analysis of mutagenesis experiments, analyzing gene-expression array data, optical mapping of genomes, predicting genomic regulatory elements, algorithms for analysis of mass spectrometry data, and novel gene-expression measurement technology. Collaborators include the UWCCC, McArdle, Computer Sciences, Pharmacy, Genetics, Biochemistry

Clinical and Bioinformatics: (Brennan, Craven, Page, Shavlik, DeMets). Collaborative projects include computational diagnosis of breast cancer including the determination of which mammogram abnormalities require biopsy, automated methods for extracting information from the biomedical literature, automated interpretation of images from x-ray crystallography, automated pharmacophore discovery to help guide drug design, and the use of computer technologies in home-care for patients with complex health problems. Collaborators include the UWCCC, McArdle, Computer Sciences, Pharmacy, Genetics, Biochemistry, GCRC.

Image Analysis: (Chung, Dyer). Dr. Chung and Dr. Dyer are developing algorithms for analyzing MRI images of the brain, where the algorithms perform segmentation, co-registration, and description. Collaborations exist with the Keck Lab (brain imaging), the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, the Fundus Photograph Reading Center, Medical Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Waisman Center (speech kinematics), and the Department of Radiology (diagnostic and functional MRI).
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