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Patricia Flatley Brennan

Professor, Departments of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics, Nursing
and Industrial Engineering

Ph.D., 1986, University of Wisconsin-Madison

H6/244 Clinical Sciences Center
600 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53792-4675

Phone: 608-263-5251, 608-263-1315
Fax: 608-263-5252


Patricia Brennan's Industrial Engineering webpage

To learn more about Brennan's current projects and the health system lab's personnel, please visit the lab's website at: http://healthsystems.engr.wisc.edu/

Research Interests
My research investigates the use of computer technologies, including the Internet, in the home-care of persons with complex health problems. I have developed and evaluated computer network services for home care of persons living with AIDS and for the caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's Disease. My newest project, HeartCare, targets persons recovering from cardiac surgery and makes use of WWW and multi-media to provide graduated, tailored home care support.
Along with Dave Demets and Natalie Norcross I direct the Wisconsin IAIMS initiative, a federally-funded program designed to strengthen the information technology infrastructure of the health science schools.
Selected Publications

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Zayas-Caban, T., Marquard, J., & Brennan, P.F. (2005). How does local optimization affect other organizations within the health care system? Organizational Design and Management (to be presented at Organizational Design and Management Symposium (ODAM), Hawaii, June 21-25, 2005.

Moen, A., & Brennan, P.F. (In press). Health@Home: The work of Health Information Management in the Household (HIMH) – Implications for Consumer Health Informatics (CHI). Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

Marquard, J., Moen, A., & Brennan, P.F. (In review). Media-rich data–untapped resources to explore health information management in the household. Journal of Biomedical Informatics

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Books, Technical Reports, Book Chapters, and Editorials

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