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Daniel Gianola
Daniel Gianola
Professor, Departments of Animal Sciences and Biostatistics & Medical Informatics
PhD, 1975, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Animal Sciences
1675 Observatory Drive, Room 440
Madison, WI 53706-1284

Phone: 608-265-2054
FAX: 608-262-5157


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Research Interests

Statistical problems in quantitative genetics and animal breeding; Bayesian approaches for inference about parameters of linear and nonlinear models (e.g., for growth and lactation curves), censored (e.g., productive lifespan) and discrete (e.g., fertility and viability) distributions. International animal breeding and biometry.

Selected Publications

Please refer to Daniel Gianola's Curriculum Vitae for an up-to-date publication listing.

Courses Taught

As referred to above please see Daniel Gianola's Curriculum Vitae for an up-to-date detailed listing on courses taught.

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