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Marjorie Rosenberg

Marjorie Rosenberg

Professor, Department of Actuarial Science, Risk Management and Insurance Department, School of Business, Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics, Medical School

PhD, 1994, University of Michigan

5297 Grainger Hall
975 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

Phone: 608-262-1683
Fax: 608-263-3142


Research Interests
Dr. Rosenberg is interested in the development of statistical models with the intent of analyzing the utilization of health care resources, and applying her actuarial expertise to cost and policy issues in health care.

Selected Publications

Rosenberg M, Fryback D and Lawrence W. Computing population-based estimates of health- adjusted life expectancy. Medical Decision Making 19(1):90-97, 1999.

Rosenberg M and Young V. A Bayesian approach to time series. To appear in North American Actuarial Journal, 1999 (January).

Rosenberg M, Andrews R and Lenk P. A hierarchical Bayesian model for predicting the rate of non-acceptable in-patient hospital utilization. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 17(1):1-8, 1999.

Rosenberg M. A statistical control model for utilization management programs. North American Actuarial Journal 2(2):1998.

Rosenberg M and Luckner W. Summary of survey results of impact of mortality improvement on social security: Canada, Mexico, and the US. North American Actuarial Journal 2(4):64-82, 1998.

Sze M and Rosenberg M. Overview of the project: impact of mortality improvement on social security: Canada, Mexico, and the United States. North American Actuarial Journal 2(4):10-12, 1998.

Frees EW, Kung YC, Rosenberg MA, Young VR and Lai SW. Forecasting social security actuarial assumptions. North American Actuarial Journal 1(4):49-82, 1997.

Rosenberg M and Young H. Stochastic simulation using spreadsheet software. ARCH, 1996.

Nesbitt C, Rosenberg M, Berger L, Levinsky M, Nerdrum A, O'Connell S, Samaniego D, Trendel A. Some financing options for social security, ARCH, 1994.

Nesbit CJ and Rosenberg MA. Annuities for the aged. ARCH, 1991.

Courses Taught

ACT SCI 303: Theory of Interest

ACT SCI 650: Actuarial Mathematics I

ACT SCI 651: Actuarial Mathematics II

ACT SCI 652: Loss Distributions

ACT SCI 653: Survival Models (Spring 2004)

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