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Department Programs

UW Madison, Biotech research

In 1992, Departmental status was granted Biostatistics in the School of Medicine. In collaboration with the Department of Statistics in the College of Letters and Sciences, the Department offers both an M.S. and Ph.D. program with an emphasis in Biostatistics. The extensive and collaborative research environment provides fertile ground for theoretical research and methodological applications in biostatistics as well as medical informatics ranging from the bench to the bedside.


UW Madison, Clinical Research

The intervention evaluated in a clinical trial is the result of collaboration involving basic research with observational research and clinical trial results always raise new basic research and observations research questions. As Department Chair, Dr. David DeMets, has a rich and deep history of contributions to the fundamentals of clinical trials, including interim analysis of accumulating data for evaluation of safety and efficacy. His interests have created an outstanding environment for biostatistical and medical informatics faculty and staff to contribute to improving the quality of clinical trials.

UW Madison, Cloning egg

In 1996, the Department mission was expanded to include Medical Informatics and encompasses bioinformatics, medical imaging analysis, and clinical informatics. In collaboration with the Department of Computer Science in the College of Letters and Sciences, the Department offers both an M.S. and Ph.D. program with a speciality in Biomedical Informatics. The rapidly growing need for applying computer science theory and methods to molecular biology and the wide-ranging current collaborations with biostatistics have provided a rare and dramatic opportunity for significant contributions to medical informatics research.

UW Madison, Computer keyboard Biomedical Computing Group
The Biomedical Computing Group (BCG) is one of the larger heterogeneous service providers at the UW Madison. It provides centralized support of various platforms, including Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and Redhat Enterprise Linux computing platforms.
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