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A Bayesian Transmission Disequilibrium Test of Linkage for Binary Traits

Varghese George, Division of Biostatistics,
Medical College of Wisconsin

Friday, Mar 23, 2001, 12:00-1:00 pm

3285 Medical Sciences Center
1300 University Ave.


The transmission/disequilibrium test (TDT) for binary traits is a powerful method for detecting linkage between a marker locus and a trait locus in the presence of allelic association. The TDT uses information on the parent-to-offspring transmission status of the associated allele at the marker locus to assess linkage or association in the presence of the other. In this presentation, we propose a Bayesian TDT as a complementary alternative to the classical approach. We compare the proposed Bayesian method to competing frequentist-testing method with respect to power and validity. If we know the mode of inheritance of the disease, then the joint and marginal posterior distributions for the recombination fraction and disequilibrium coefficient can be obtained via standard MCMC methods, which lead naturally to Bayesian credible intervals for both parameters.

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