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General Departmental Seminar Series

Moo K. Chung
Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics
Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Friday, September 19th, 2008
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
5275 MSC

Tiling Anatomical Manifolds with Orthonormal Basis

Abstract: Compared to nonparametric methods, parametric approaches have the advantage of obtaining an explicit functional representation of shape. However, one main obstacle in building a sophisticated parametric model is the lack of an easily available orthonormal basis for arbitrary anatomical manifolds.

We present a relatively simple method for constructing an orthonormal basis than the Laplacian eigenfunction approach and the Gram-Smidth orthogonalization. We claim that there exists an orthonormal basis that is the function of spherical harmonics and a surface flattening. The proposed basis construction technique is used to illustrate the suboptimal nature of widely used Fourier descriptors. The methods are illustrated on amygdala and cortical surfaces of human brain.

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