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General Departmental Seminar Series - Academic Year 2005-2006

Links listed below lead to an abstract for the seminar listed, if available.


Time and
May 5
5235/75 MSC
Francesca Chiaromonte
Dept of Statistics
Pennsylvania State University
May 2
Genetics/Biotechnology Center Auditorium, 425 Henry Mall
Tuesday, 4:00pm
Ziv Bar-Joseph
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University
Apr 28
5235/75 MSC
Student Presentations
Qi Tang
Linear Regression Analysis of Cystic Fibrosis Data

Lisa Chung
Detecting Differential Gene Expression in Organisms with Operon

John Dawson
Statistical Exploration of Inhibition Reactions among Mutualists
of Fungus Growing Ants
Apr 21
5235/75 MSC
Mathias Drton
Dept of Statistics
University of Chicago
Apr 14
5235/75 MSC
Anindya Roy
University of Maryland,
Baltimore County
Apr 7
5235/75 MSC
No Seminar
Mar 31
5235/75 MSC
William Christensen
Associate Professor, Department of Statistics
Brigham Young University
Visiting Professor, Department of Civil and   Environmental Engineering,
     University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mar 30
1111 Biotech Center Auditorium
Eric Bair
Stanford University
Mar 28
4:00 p.m.
Auditorium, Genetics/Biotechnology Center
425 Henry Mall
Ryan Lilien, PhD
Dartmouth University
Mar 24
5235/75 MSC
Li Shen
Computer and Information
Science Dept

Univ of Mass-Dartmouth

Morphometric Analysis of 3D Closed Surfaces and Its Applications in Medical Imaging

Mar 22

1441 Genetics/Biotech Center

Mehmet Koyuturk
Department of Computer Science,
Purdue University

Comparative Analysis of Molecular Interaction Networks

Mar 20

1111 Genetics/Biotech Center


Ben Raphael
University of California, San Diego

Rearrangements and Duplications in Tumor Genomes: Towards a CancerGenome Project

Mar 17
5235/75 MSC
Spring Break
Mar 10
140 Bardeen
Terry Speed
Dept of Statistics
UC Berkeley
Mar 8
G5/113 CSC
Adin-Christian Andrei
University of Michigan
Mar 7
133 MSC
Brad Carlin
University of Minnesota
Mar 6
1325 HSLC
Xianzheng Huang
North Carolina State University
Mar 3
5235/75 MSC
Rick Chappell
Moo Chung
Sunduz Keles
Christina Kendziorski
Rick Chappell
Linking an Equivalence Trial to Past Superiority Trials

Moo K. Chung
Computational challenge in brain imaging: how to solve an extremely
large least squares problem

Sunduz Keles
Statistical methods for studying Eukaryotic transcription regulation

Christina Kendziorski
The statistics of gene mapping
Mar 1
G5/113 CSC
Jimin Ding
University of California-Davis
Biostat/Pharmacy Faculty Candidate
Feb 24
5235/75 MSC
Thomas Ioerger
Dept of Comp Sci
Texas A&M
Feb 17
5235/75 MSC
Meng Chen
Dept of Statistics
University of Wisconsin

Feb 10
1309 HSLC
Kai Wang, PhD
Program in Public Health Genetics
University of Iowa
Feb 3
5235/75 MSC

Sunduz Keles
Department of Statistics
Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
UW Madison

Jan 27
5235/75 MSC
Jan 20
5235/75 MSC
Chunpeng Fan
Dept of Biostatistics and Statistics
UW Madison
Jan 4
234 WARF
Wednesday noon
Kevin Buhr, PhD
Dec 9
6205 MSC
Dec 7
6205 MSC
Alicia Carriqiry
Iowa State University http://www.public.iastate.edu/%7ealicia/
Joint with the Dept of Statistics
Dec 2
6205 MSC
Nov 18
6205 MSC
Yu Cheng, UW Madison, Department of Statistics &
Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
Nov 11
6205 MSC
Daniel Nettleton, PhD
Iowa State University
Nov 4
6205 HSLC
Soren Bentzen, Ph.D.  UW Madison, Medical School
Nov 2
140 Bardeen

Debajyoti Sinha, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina

Oct 21
6205 MSC
Pedro Domingos, PhD
University of Washington

Learning, Logic, and
Probability: A Unified View

Oct 14
6205 MSC
Roxana Alexandridis, Ph.D. UW Madison
Oct 7
6205 MSC
Ramani Pilla, PhD
Case Western Reserve University
Sept 30
6205 MSC
Fan Lu,
Dept, of Statistics,
UW Madison
Sept 23
6205 MSC
Gustavo A. De Los Campos, UW Madison
Sept 16
6205 MSC
Moo Chung, PhD and Shubing Wang
Sept 9
6205 MSC
Michael Newton, PhD
UW Madison


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