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Tech Report Number Date Author(s) Title
09/78 Liu PY, Crowley JJ Large Sample Theory on the MLE Based on Cox's Regression Model for Survival Data
12/78 Brookmeyer R, Crowley J A Confidence Interval for the Medial Survival Time
03/79 Davis H, Multhauf P, Klotz J Comparisons of Cooperative Group Evaluation Criteria for Multiple Drug Breast Cancer Therapy
03/79 Hunter WG, Crowley JJ Hazardous Substances, The Environment and Public Health: A Statistical Overview
02/80 Dahlberg S Detailed Description of Wisconsin Cancer Mortality Data (by Site and Sex: 1970-1975)
08/80 Klotz J PASCAL Programs for Statistical Microcomputing: 1. Distribution Functions
05/81 Hsieh FY, Crowley JJ, Tormey DC Some Test Statistics for Use in Multistate Survival Analysis
09/80 Drinkwater NR, Klotz JH Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Tumor Multiplicity Data
11/80 Green S A Proof of the Asymptotic Normality of Efron's Two-Sample Statistic for Censored Data
11/80 Crowley J Some Extensions of the Log Rank Test
12/80 Brookmeyer R, Crowley J A K-Sample Median Test for Censored Data
12/80 Saores JF, Wu CF Some Restricted Randomization Rules in the Design of Clinical Trials
05/81 Leurgans S Asymptotic Efficiencies for Two-Sample Linear Rank Tests in the Presence of Random Censoring
09/81 Rosenbaum P Broad or Narrow Definition of Cases: The Question of Statistical Power
02/82 Voelkel J, Crowley J Nonparametric Inference for a Class of Semi-Markov Processes with Censored Observations
02/82 Rosenbaum P, Tormey D Exploratory Plotting of Censored Survival Data Against a Time-Dependent Covariate
Not available Achcar JA, Brookmeyer R, Hunter WG A Bayesian Analysis of the Log-Linear Model for Censored Survival Data - NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
05/82 Rosenbaum P, Rubin D The Central Role of the Propensity Score in Observational Studies for Causal Effects
08/82 Rosenbaum PR, Rubin DB Assessing Sensitivity to an Unobserved Binary Covariate in an Observational Study with Binary Outcome
09/82 Rosenbaum PR, Rubin DB Difficulties with Regression Analyses of Age-Adjusted Rates
12/82 Rosenbaum PR Conditional Permutation Tests and the Propensity Score in Observational Studies
06/83 Rosenbaum PR From Association to Causation in Observational Studies: The Role of Tests of Strongly Ignorable Treatment Assignment
12/83 Palta M Investigating Maximum Power Losses in Survival Studies with Non-Stratified Randomization
02/84 Tsai WY, Leurgans S, Crowley J Nonparametric Estimation of a Bivariate Survival Function in the Presence of Censoring
07/84 Lan KKG, DeMets DL, Halperin M More Flexible and Non-Sequential Designs in Long-Term Clinical Trials

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