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Tech Report Number Date Author(s) Title
04/96 Douglas JA Latent Variable Model for Multivariate Failure Time Data with Psychometrical Applications
05/96 Newton MA, Gould M, Reznikoff C, Haag J On the Statistical Analysis of Allelic-Loss Data
06/96 Li Z, DeMets DL On the Bias of Brownian Motion Drift Following Group Sequential Tests
06/96 Li Z, DeMets DL On the Bias of Estimation of Treatment Effects Following Group Sequential Tests for Survival Data
(rev 3/97)
Kosorok MR, Lin CY The Versatility of Function-indexed Weighted Log Rank Statistics
09/96 Palta M, Lin CY Latent Variables, Measurement Error and Methods for Analyzing Longitudinal Binary Ordinal Data
12/96 Li Z, DeMets DL A Repeated Significance Test of the Proportional Hazard Assumption
(rev 3/97)
Kosorok MR A Multivariate Weak Convergence Result with Application to Group Sequential Clinical Trials
09/96 Pan W, Chappell R Estimating Survival Curves with Left Truncated and Interval Censored Data Under Monotone Hazards
(rev 1/97)
Pan W, Chappell R, Kosorok M On Consistency of Nonparametric MLE of Survival Functions for Left Truncated & Interval Censored Data
(rev 1/97)
Pan W, Chappell R A Nonparametric Estimator of Survival Functions for Arbitrarily Truncated and Censored Data
(rev 3/00)
Kosorok MR, Douglas JA, Huang D Further Details on Robust Variance Estimation in Parametric Random Effects/Latent Variable Models Using Markov Cahain Monte Carlo
(rev 5/98)
Kosorok MR, Qu R Exact Simultaneous Confidence Bands for a Collection of Univariate Polynomials in Regression Analysis
12/96 Qu R, Kosorok MR Improving Confidence Bands for Non-Linear Regression
01/97 Pan W, Chappell R Computation of the NPMLE of Distribution Functions for Interval Censored and Truncated Data with Applications to the Cox Model
01/97 Zhang YL, Newton MA On Calculating the Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimator of a Distribution Given Interval Censored Data
(rev 4/97)
Lai HC, Kosorok MR et al Growth Status in Children with Cystic Fibrosis Based on the National Cystic Fibrosis Patient Registry Data: Evaluation of Various Criteria Used to Identify Malnutrition
02/97 Pan W, Chappell R Estimating Survival Curves with Left Truncated and Interval Censored Data via the EMS Algorithm
02/97 Wei WH, Kosorok MR Residual Diagnostics & Local Influence in Ridge Regression & Nonparametric Regression
06/97 Lin CY, Kosorok MR A General Class of Function-Indexed Nonparametric Tests for Survival Analysis
(rev 6/98)
Douglas JA Item Response Models for Quality of Life Data in Clinical Trials
09/97 Lindstrom MJ Penalized Estimation of Free-Knot Splines
09/97 Qu RP, DeMets DL Bias Correction in Group Sequential Analysis with Correlated Data
12/97 Newton MA, Larget B, Chappell R, Jacoby R Random Allocations in Comparative Experiments of Known Size: Balance Without Blocking
02/98 Ladd W, Lindstrom MJ Self Modeling for Two-Dimensional Response Curves

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