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Tech Report Number Date Author(s) Title
07/00 Gangnon RE, Clayton MK A Weighted Average Likelihood Ratio Test for Spatial Clustering of Disease
07/00 Gangnon RE, King W Minimum Distance Estimation of the Distribution Functions of Stochastically Ordered Random Variables
07/00 Fine JP, Jiang H, Chappell R On semi-competing risks data
02/01 Lee JW, Jo SJ, DeMets DL, Kim K Confidence intervals following group sequential tests in clinical trials with multivariate observations
07/00 Chen JYH, DeMets DL, Lan KKG Monitoring multiple doses in a combined phase II/III clinical trial: Multivariate test procedures (Dropping the Loser Designs)
10/01 Kosorok MR, Lee BL, Fine JP Semiparametric inference for proportional hazards frailty regression models
08/00 Fan X, DeMets DL, Lan GKK Bias point of estimation following a group sequential test
08/00 Fan X Confidence intervals following a group sequential test: conditional or unconditional?
08/00 Fan X, DeMets DL Application of conditional estimation to the survival analysis with interim monitoring
08/00 Fan X Conditional estimation methods for the analysis of a group sequential experiment
02/01 Lee JW, Lee HS, Park M, Hwang JJ Paternity determination when the alleged father's genotypes are unavailable
04/01 Gangnon R, Clayton MK A weighted average likelihood ratio scan test for spatial clustering of disease
05/01 Gangnon R, Clayton MK A hierarchical model for spatially clustered disease rates
07/01 Gangnon R, Kosorok MR Weighted log-rank statistics and sample size formula for clustered survival data.
09/01 Kosorok MR, Shi Y, DeMets DL Design and analysis of group sequential clinical trials with multiple primary endpoints.
02/02 Kendziorski CM, Newton MA, Lan H, Gould MN On parametric empirical Bayes methods for comparing multiple groups using replicated gene expression profiles.
03/02 Lindstrom M Analysis of Functional Data - no longer available.
Ultimately published: Longitudinal Data (Chapter 8), In: Introduction to Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials. Cook T and DeMets DL. (Eds), Chapman & Hall/CRC; Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, Boca Raton, FL, pp. 233-267, 2008.
04/02 Kendziorski CM, Lan H The efficiency of mRNA pooling in microarray experiments. NOTE- This tech report is no longer available...to appear, Biostatistics, 2003
09/02 Todem D, KyungMann Kim, Lesaffre E Latent-Variable Models for Longitudinal Data with Bivariate Ordinal Outcomes
10/02 Ji Y, Kam-Wah Tsui, Kim KM A Bayesian classification method for treatments using microarray gene expression data
09/02 Brumback LC,
Lindstrom MJ
Self modeling with flexible random time transformations
10/02 Kendziorski CM, Zhang Y, Lan H, Attie AD The efficiency of pooling mRNA in microarray experiments
12/02 Kim C Statistical methods for gene expression data
01/03 Dixon JR, Kosorok MR, Lee BL The piggyback bootstrap for functional inference in semiparametric models
02/03 Gangnon RE, Kosorok MR Further details on sample-size formula for clustered survival data using weighted log-rank statistics

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