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Tech Report Number Date Author(s) Title
06/03 Ji Y, Tsui KW, Kim KM, Hayes K Identifying differentially expressed genes under multiple treatment conditions: An empirical Bayes model using gene clusters
09/03 Ma S, Kosorok MR and Cook TD Software for design and analysis of group sequential clinical trials with multiple primary endpoints
12/03 Yuan M, Kendziorski C, Park F, Porter JL, Hayes K, and Bradfield CA Hidden markov models for microarray time course data in multiple biological conditions
12/03 Eng KH and Kosorok MR A sample size formula for the supremum log-rank statistic
12/03 Ma S and Kosorok MR Robust semiparametric M-estimation and the weighted bootstrap
03/04 Goldstein S, Briska A, Zhou S , and Schwartz DC Sequences, Maps, Genomes, and Graphs: Graph Compression Algorithms for Efficiently Comparing Genomes
05/04 Ma S and Kosorok MR Adaptive Penalized M-Estimation for the Cox Model with Current Status Data
07/04 Kendziorski CM, Irizarry RA, Chen K, Haag JD, Gould MN To pool or not to pool: a question of microarray experimental design
10/04 Kendziorski CM, Chen M, Yuan M, Lan H, Attie AD Statistical methods for expression trait loci mapping
12/04 Kosorok MR, Douglas JA, de la Torre J. Robust likelihood inference for latent variables using Markov chain Monte Carlo
12/04 Ma S, Kosorok MR, Fine JP Additive risk models for survival data with high dimensional covariates.
02/05 Yuan M, Kendziorski CM A unified approach for simultaneous gene clustering and differential expression identification
03/05 Kosorok MR and Ma S Marginal asymptotics for the "large p, small n" paradigm: with applications to microarray data
05/06 Keles, S Mixture modeling for genome-wide localization of transcription factors
08/05 Kosorok MR, Song R
09/05 Gangnon, R, Clayton, M Cluster Detection Using Bayes Factors from Overparameterized Cluster Models
192 11/05 Kendziorski CM, Wang P
Flexible variance modeling with EBarrays
193 02/06 Song R,  Kosorok MR
Computing sample size for recurrent events data
194 03/06 Kosorok MR, Song R
Further details on inference under right censoring for transformation models with a change-point based on a covariate threshold
195 05/06
Cheng G, Kosorok MR
Higher order semiparametric frequentist inference with the profile sampler
196 07/06 Huang B, Chappell R
197 10/06 Eickhoff J Placebo effect adjusted assessment of Quality of Life in
placebo-controlled clinical trials
198 09/07 Chung M, Hartley R, Dalton K, Davidson R Encoding Cortical Surface by Spherical Harmonics
199 01/08 Chung M, Dalton K, Davidson R Tensor-based Cortical Surface Morphometry via
Weighted Spherical Harmonic Representation
200 04/08 Andrei A and Kendziorski C An efficient Method to Identify Statistical Interactors in Graphical  Models

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