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Tech Report Number Date Author(s) Title
08/84 DeMets DL Stopping Guidelines vs. Stopping Rules: A Practitioner's Point of View
08/84 DeMets DL, Lan KKG An Overview of Sequential Methods and Their Application in Clinical Trials
09/84 Klotz JH Smallest Sample Sizes for Testing Two Binomials
01/85 Raubertas RF, Nordheim EV Hypothesis Tests for Normal Means Constrained by Linear Inequalities
3/85 Yu R-Y, Klotz J Small Sample Relative Performance of the Spline Smooth Survival Estimator
04/85 Kim K, DeMets DL Group Sequential Monitoring in Clinical Trials
06/85 Kim K, DeMets DL Estimation Following Group Sequential Tests in Clinical Trials
11/85 DeMets DL, Gail MH Logrank Tests and Group Sequential Methods
10/85 Palta M An Evaluation of Goodness-of-Fit Tests for the Proportional Hazards Model
02/86 Palta M, Cook T Some Considerations in the Analysis of Rates of Change in Longitudinal Studies
09/86 Storer B Design and Analysis of Phase I Clinical Trials: Preliminary Studies Using a Markov Chain Representation and Monte Carlo Simulations
03/86 Klotz J, Fu J Large Sample Efficiencies of the Product Limit Survival Estimator
10/86 Klotz J, Jorn H-S An Improved Algorithm for Unbalanced Multifactorial ANOVA Models
08/86 Kim K A Second Order Approximation for Estimation Following Sequential Tests
10/87 Hoffman WP, Leurgans SE Large Sample Comparison of Two Tests Used to Study Drug Interaction Tests of Drug Interaction
02/88 Storer B, Kim C Exact Small Sample Properties of Tests Statistics for Comparing Two Binomial Proportions
Goldstein S  
05/88 Lan KKG, DeMets DL Changing Frequency of Interim Analysis in Sequential Monitoring
05/88 Lan KKG, DeMets DL Group Sequential Procedures: Calendar vs. Information Time
06/88 Lindstrom MJ, Bates DM Newton-Raphson and EM SmallAlgorithms for Linear Mixed Effects Models for Repeated Measures Data
11/88 Wei LJ Interval Estimation with Restricted Randomization Rules
04/89 Palta M, Yao TJ The Effect of Unmeasured Confounders on the Analysis of Longitudinal Data
10/88 Lindstrom M, Bates DM Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models for Repeated Measures Data
11/88 Wei LJ, Amato DA Regression Analysis for Highly Stratified Failure Time Observations
03/89 Goldstein S Computing with Multitype Branching Processes

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