Current Members

Christina Kendziorski - Principal Investigator [cv]
Keegan Korthauer - Graduate Student
Ning Leng - Graduate Student
Xiaomao Li - Graduate Student
Yuan Li - Graudate Student
Shuyun Ye - Graduate Student
Sam Younkin, PhD - Scientist

Open Positions

I am often hiring postdocs. Please contact me by email if you're interested in applying.

PhD Alumni and past postdocs

Ping Wang, PhD conferred 2008 - Eli Lilly
YounJeong Choi, PhD conferred 2008 - Genentech
Meng Chen, PhD conferred 2006 - Pfizer
Ming Yuan, Postdoc 2004-2005 - Professor, University of Wisconsin Madison
John Dawson, PhD conferred 2012 - Postdoc, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Kevin Eng, Postdoc 2010-2012 - Assistant Professor, Roswell Cancer Institute