Assistant Professor Anthony Gitter garners NSF CAREER award

A) Single-cell gene expression measurements indicate that cells progress through a temporal biological process at different rates, leading to heterogeneous cell populations at specific times during a stimulus response.  B) Protein-protein interactions and temporal changes in protein phosphorylation can be combined to reconstruct signaling pathways and reveal novel components, such as the MAPK pathway member MKL1.

BMI Assistant Professor Anthony Gitter, who is jointly appointed in the Virology Challenge area of the Morgridge Institute for Research, has been granted a NSF CAREER award to pursue his work in the inference for temporal signaling and transcriptional data.

Time series methods provide a powerful strategy for understanding transcriptional regulation by using the temporal ordering of gene expression changes to constrain candidate regulatory interactions. The project will design time series algorithms to improve the prediction of both transcriptional and signaling network interactions by using single-cell gene expression and temporal phosphoproteomic data. Time series analysis will also be incorporated into local public outreach programs and bioinformatics training workshops.

We are very pleased to congratulate Prof. Gitter on this wonderful accomplishment!