BMI Students place 3rd in Angry Birds AI Contest

Congratulations to UW Computer Science and BMI faculty member Jude Shavlik and his students Anjali Narayan-Chen and Liqi Xu (TeamWisc) for winning 3rd prize in the Angry Birds Artificial Intelligence Competition. Contestants created AI software that learned to play the angry birds game. TeamWisc placed 3rd out of 19 teams from around the world. They were the only team to represent the United States. The software is written in Java using the Google Chrome version of Angry Birds. As stated in this Cap Times Article TeamWisc pulled ahead as their version of the software used an algorithm that scoped out the area around the pigs and learned that if all the pigs were destroyed they had a good hit and if they missed it was bad as valuable means in predicting future outcomes on higher game levels. None of the programs were able to beat the human competitors, but programmers had fun trying. Participating in the competition is a vehicle for getting young scientists excited about AI concepts. Artificial Intelligence software developed in the BMI Department are used for medical research to model diseases and help doctors predict patient results.