Graduate Study

Students pursue graduate study with our highly collaborative faculty through a variety of avenues both formal and informal. Most commonly, students are admitted either into the Statistics graduate program wherein they pursue work in Biostatistics or into the Computer Sciences graduate program wherein they pursue graduate work in Biomedical Informatics, including computational biology, bioinformatics, and/or medical informatics. Some students in these programs are funded on either our NHLBI-funded biostatistics training grant or on the NLM-funded Computation in Biology and Medicine training grant.

Learn more about graduate training in Biomedical Informatics

Learn more about graduate training in Biostatistics

In addition, graduate students from many other programs on campus have pursued research training, MS thesis work, and/or PhD dissertation work with BMI faculty. These programs include those in Population Health Sciences, Clinical Investigation, Genetics, and others.

Once aligned with BMI faculty members for dissertation research, almost all PhD students are funded through our various research grants, and most are housed in BMI space in the Medical Sciences Center or in the Biotechnology Center.


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