BMI Staff

Name Personnel Job Title Room/Building Email Phone Fax
Burnett, Donna Administrative Staff Department Administrator K6/444 CSC

dburnett [at]

263-2910 265-5579
Whitford, Cathy Administrative Staff Medical Informatics Program Manager 4775C MSC

whitford [at]

Lindstrom, Chris Administrative Staff Assistant to Chair K6/446 CSC

clindstrom [at]

263-1706 263-1059
Poulsen, Gretchen Administrative Staff Clinical Trials Program Manager 205 WARF

poulsen [at]

265-6702 263-0415
Sweeney, Whitney Administrative Staff Student Services Coordinator 4735 MSC

sweeney [at]

262-9184 265-5579
Salmon, Marcy Administrative Staff SDAC Administrative Assistant 226D WARF

salmon [at]

Lindner, Christopher Administrative Staff Student Assistant to Singh

clindner [at]

Plumb, Gregory Administrative Staff Student Assistant to Singh

gplumb [at]

Warner, Jamieson Administrative Staff Student Assistant to Singh

jwarner2 [at]

Reardan, Wesley Administrative Staff Student Assistant to Roy

reardan [at]

Kawahara, Tisha Administrative Staff Biostatistics Program Manager K6/432 CSC

kawahara [at]

Mitchell, Molly Administrative Staff Payroll & Benefits Specialist K6/417 CSC

mkmitchell [at]

Brown, Gloria Administrative Staff Financial Specialist K6/440 CSC

gbrown [at]

265-6371 265-5579
Spring, Laura Administrative Staff Program Assistant 4775B MSC

spring [at]

Annis, William Technical Staff BCG Leader & System Administrator J4/502 CSC

annis [at]

263-8625 265-5579
Lewis, Janet Technical Staff BCG Technical Support H6/582 CSC

jelewis1 [at]

265-2771 265-5579
Harrison, Christopher Technical Staff System Administrator J4/503 CSC

harrison [at]

Bolden, Eric Technical Staff OSX/iOS Support 239 WARF

eabolden [at]

Bailey, Robert Technical Staff PC/Windows System Administrator, Webmaster 285 WARF

rbailey [at]