Technical Reports

TR# Title Author Year pdf
109 Estimating Survival Curves with Left Truncated and Interval Censored Data Under Monotone Hazards Pan W, Chappell R, Kosorok M 1996 tr_109.pdf
108 A Multivariate Weak Convergence Result with Application to Group Sequential Clinical Trials Kosorok MR, Douglas JA, Huang D 1996 tr_108.pdf
107 A Repeated Significance Test of the Proportional Hazard Assumption Li Z, DeMets DL 1996 tr_107.pdf
106 Latent Variables, Measurement Error and Methods for Analyzing Longitudinal Binary Ordinal Data Palta M, Lin CY 1996 tr_106.pdf
105 The Versatility of Function-indexed Weighted Log Rank Statistics Kosorok MR, Lin CY 1996 tr_105.pdf
104 On the Bias of Estimation of Treatment Effects Following Group Sequential Tests for Survival Data Li Z, DeMets DL 1996 tr_104.pdf
103 On the Bias of Brownian Motion Drift Following Group Sequential Tests Li Z, DeMets DL 1996 tr_103.pdf
102 On the Statistical Analysis of Allelic-Loss Data Newton MA, Gould M, Reznikoff C, Haag J 1996 tr_102.pdf
101 Latent Variable Model for Multivariate Failure Time Data with Psychometrical Applications Douglas JA 1996 tr_101.pdf
100 Normal Approximation Using Box-Cox Transformations in Discriminant Analysis for the Two-Class Problem Qu R 1996 tr_100.pdf
99 Minimizing Error Probability of Linear Discriminant Analysis for the Two-Class Problem Qu R 1996 tr_99.pdf
98 Families of Weighted Logrank Statistics as Function-Indexed Stochastic Processes Kosorok MR 1996 tr_98.pdf
97 Asymptotic Properties of Markov Regression Models for Longitudinal Categorical Data in Continuous Time Chao W-H, Kosorok MR 1995 tr_97.pdf
96 Estimating and Reducing Bias in Group Sequential Designs with Gaussian Independent Increment Structure Pinheiro JC, DeMets DL 1995 tr_96.pdf
95 Programs for Computing Group Sequential Boundaries Using the Lan-DeMets Method - Version 2 Reboussin DM, DeMets DL, Kim KY, Lan KKG 1995 tr_95.pdf
94 Residual Diagnostics and Local Influence Wei W-H, Kosorok MR 1995 tr_94.pdf
93 First and Second Order Local Influence Wei W-H, Kosorok MR 1995 tr_93.pdf
92 Further Results on the Analysis of Longitudinal Ordinal Response Data in Continuous Time Kosorok MR, Chao W-H 1995 tr_92.pdf
91 Model Building for Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models Pinheiro JC, Bates DM 1995 tr_91.pdf
90 Unconstrained Parametrizations for Variance-Covariance Matrices Pinheiro JC, Bates DM 1995 tr_90.pdf


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