Interactive cis-trans eQTL plot


Type "random" to select a gene at random.

In the top-left panel, the x-axis corresponds to marker location and the y-axis corresponds to the genomic position of probes on a gene expression microarray. Each plotted point is an inferred eQTL with LOD > 10; opacity corresponds to LOD score, though all LOD > 25 are made fully opaque.

Hover over a point to see the probe ID and LOD score; also highlighted are any other eQTL for that probe. Click on the point to see the LOD curves below.

If a clicked probe is in a known gene, the title in lower panel is a link to the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) site at the Jackson Lab.

Hover over markers in the LOD curve plot to view marker names; click on a marker to see the phenotype-vs-genotype plot to the right. In the geno-vs-pheno plot, hover over the average to view corresponding value, and hover over points to view individual IDs.

The code is available at github.