Genetics for statisticians (140.667)

(1 unit) Third term, 2000-2001
Mon, 9:30 - 10:30am
W3031 Hygiene


This course will provide a basic introduction to genetics and molecular biology for statisticians with little knowledge of these fields. The aim will be for the student to gain a quick overview of the subject, so that, with collateral reading, they may be prepared for further study of statistical genetics. The course will consist of eight one-hour lectures.

Syllabus (from 2000-2001)

Jan 22 Mendel's rules
Jan 29 DNA and proteins
Feb 5 Extensions to Mendel
Feb 12 Meiosis and linkage
Feb 19 Sex determination and X-linkage
Feb 26 Human pedigrees
Mar 5 Population genetics
Mar 12 Genetic technology (e.g., PCR)

Recommended books


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