Statistical genetics (140.668)

(3 units) Fourth term, 2000-2001
Tues and Thurs, 8:30-10:00am
W2008 Hygiene

Office hours

Tuesday, 10:45-11:45am, and Thursday, 3:30-4:30pm, E3612 Hygiene
(or by appointment, or just drop by)

Discussion section

There will be a weekly discussion section for students with a limited background in statistics: Tuesday 3-4pm, W2009 Hygiene


This course will provide an overview of statistical issues in genetics, with an emphasis on human genetics. We will focus on the fundamental problem of gene mapping using linkage and linkage disequilibrium.

Prerequisites: College-level genetics, 140.667 or 340.664; 140.621-622 or similar

Student evaluation will be based on four problem sets.

Syllabus (from 2000-2001)

March27 Overview of statistics in genetics
29 Models of meiosis: Linkage and interference [refs]
April3 Experimental crosses: Forming linkage maps [refs]
5 Experimental crosses: Identifying quantitative trait loci [refs] [Problem set 1 (pdf) | solutions]
10 Human pedigrees: Kinship coefficients and correlation among relatives [refs]
12 Managing genome scan data [refs] [Problem set 2 (pdf) | solutions]
17 Linkage analysis in humans: Simple diseases [refs]
Problem set 1 due
19 Linkage analysis in humans: Model misspecification [refs]
24 Linkage analysis in humans: Allele-sharing methods [refs] [Problem set 3 (pdf) | solutions]
Problem set 2 due
26 Linkage analysis in humans: Quantitative traits in sibships [refs]
May1 Linkage analysis of quantitative traits in large families: Variance components methods [refs]
3 Linkage analysis of quantitative traits in large families: MCMC methods [refs]
Problem set 3 due
8 Linkage disequilibrium: Case-control approaches [refs]
10 Transmission-disequilibrium test: Dichotomous traits [refs] [Problem set 4 (pdf) | solutions]
15 Transmission-disequilibrium test: Quantitative traits [refs]
17 The big picture: Summary and review
Problem set 4 due

Recommended books

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