Broman KW, Speed TP (2002) A model selection approach for the identification of quantitative trait loci in experimental crosses (with discussion). J Roy Stat Soc B 64:641-656, 731-775

We consider the problem of identifying the genetic loci (called quantitative trait loci (QTLs)) contributing to variation in a quantitative trait, with data on an experimental cross. A large number of different statistical approaches to this problem have been described; most make use of multiple tests of hypotheses, and many consider models allowing only a single QTL. We feel that the problem is best viewed as one of model selection. We discuss the use of model selection ideas to identify QTLs in experimental crosses. We focus on a back-cross experiment, with strictly additive QTLs, and concentrate on identifying QTLs, considering estimation of their effects and precise locations of secondary importance. We present the results of a simulation study to compare the performance of the more prominent methods.
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