Special Topics in Genetics and Genomics (140.668)

Second Term, 2004-2005

Instructors: Karl Broman and Ingo Ruczinski
Office hours: KB: F 10:30-12:00 in E3612 Wolfe St
IR: No specific office hour. Just come by or make an appointment. E3618 Wolfe St.
Topics: Linkage mapping in mouse and man (KB); Statistical methods in proteomics and structural bioinformatics (IR)
Prerequisites: 140.651-654; knowledge of the computer package R.
Course time: Monday and Wednesday, 10:30 - 11:50am
Course room: W4007 Wolfe St
Grades: Grades will be based on four problem sets.


Date Instructor R P S Topic
Nov1 KB Meiosis, recombination, interference
3 KB Genetic map construction
8 KB Mouse: QTL mapping I
10 KB Mouse: QTL mapping II
15 KB Human: parametric linkage
17 KB Human: nonparametric linkage
22 KB Human: QTL mapping
24 KB Cancelled
29 IR Principles of protein structure I
Dec 1 IR Principles of protein structure II
6 IR Mass Spectrometry (Guest lecture: Fernando Pineda)
8 IR Protein structure and data bases
13 IR Classification and prediction
15 IR Classification and prediction
20 IR Protein structure prediction
22 IR Protein structure prediction

R = References; P = Problems; S = Solutions

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