Special Topics in Genetics and Genomics (140.668)

Second Term, 2002-2003

Instructors: Karl Broman and Giovanni Parmigiani
Office hours: KB: W 1:00-2:00 in E3612 Hygiene
GP: Monday after class in E3136 Hygiene
Topics: Linkage mapping in model organisms (KB); Characterization of cancer genes (GP)
Prerequisites: 140.651-654; knowledge of the computer package R.
Course time: Monday and Wednesday, 10:30am - noon
Course room: W3031 Hygiene
Grades: Student grades will be based on a single project, including an short oral presentation, on a topic related to either half of the course.


Date Instructor R P S Topic
Oct28 KB Meiosis, recombination, interference
30 KB Hidden Markov models
Nov4 KB Constructing linkage maps
6 KB QTL mapping: interval mapping
11 KB QTL mapping: other single-QTL models
13 KB Recombinant inbred lines
18 GP Fundamentals of genetic risk predition in familial syndromes: The BRCAPRO and CRCAPRO models
20 GP Validation of risk prediction models
25 GP Penetrance estimation and ascertainment corrections
27 GP Population-Calibrated Gene Characterization (Sining Chen presenting)
Dec2 GP Penetrance estimation using the kindred-cohort design
4 KB Mapping multiple QTL I
9 GP Classification of missense mutations of disease genes
11 KB Mapping multiple QTL II
16 KB & GP Student presentations of research projects
18 KB & GP Student presentations of research projects

R = References; P = Problems; S = Solutions

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